Monday, March 26, 2012


So!!!!! I  was in desparate need of coffee so that I could finish a PPT presentation and I stumbled upon somthing grand!! It was a man in a garfield costume.. Yes it was amazing!!!!!!! Anyway. He was advertising for a Kitty cafe that just opened up around my house!! yay!!! SO when you go in you take off your shoes and order your drink. They oftentimes will give you cat nip to feed the cats. The KITTIES ARE SO CUTE!!! Anyway. I was worried abgout clenliness befpore I went but its super duper clean!! No cat hair anywhere no stench, only the lovely aroma of coffee shop. It was awesome!!!! :^)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

SOOOOOOO!!!!!!! HELLO EVERYONE!!!! I m an English teacher in South Korea and this blog will be for keeping friends and family updated.  Also if you have any questions about South Korea you are free to ask them. SO lets get started!! First things first!! Sorry it took so long for me to post the first video. I am sooo busy!! I teach 6th, 5th, 1st&2nd, and Kindergarten. between those I have to prepare 7 lessons per week!! ouch!! Thats alot!! I have no time. LOL Thats why its taking so long. Ok.. I do have time im just tired after work. I am still asjusting to the time and the FAST pace of life here. taking the bus, subway, and walking are not things I'm used to so that's why im tired! I love it here though!! I am currently waiting on my alien registration card. Without that I cannot do anything, like get internet/cable/ cellphone contract, etc.. so In order to use the internet I have to go to the PC bang!! In Korean bang 방 means room. And as we all know PC is computer... so put 2 and 2 together!! computer room!! LOL There are about 3 on each 5 blocks. LOL Not kidding!! literally, on every corner there is at least 1! The computers are fast and the screens are big and its super cheap..but there is just one problem.. CIGARETTE SMOKE!!! Smoking is allowed inside.. like at many places in Korea so it stinks!!! It gets on my clothes and I hate it!!!! Ok.. anyways back to the good, its super cheap. its 1000 korean won per hour.. which is a little less than 1 us dollar. SO its super cost effective! Its maily filled with people playing video games.. and by that I mean males. LOL Literally the only time I have seen a women inside here other than myself is today, and im quite shocked.. But she is not playing video games she is eating snacks an dhanging with some boys who ar playing video games. LOL so anyways, they are very comfortable besides the smoke an dthere are snacks!! hehe!! So thats all, watch the video for further information!! I you want to see more videos an dbe updated when I upload more videos subscribe to my youtube page.! :^)