Saturday, March 30, 2013

How Korea has changed me

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Hello!!!!! SOOOO!!!! I have changed in Many ways since being in Korea! Here is the breakdown of the video.

Koreans always carry umbrellas around. Even if there are only one or 2 raindrops per second...They will have it up. They also use it in the summer as well. NOW I DO IT ALSO!! As soon as I feel one little raindrop.. I WHIP OUT MY UMBRELLA!!!

Koreans always slurp their food... I have realized that its due to the food being so hot and people don't want to wait for it to cool down, so they slurp it!!! I ALSO DO IT NOW!!

Koreans don't cover their mouth when they cough sometimes.. as gross as that sounds I DO IT ALSO NOW.. I figured that since they share their germs with me.. I shall also share germs with them!

Koreans Wear glasses with no lenses in them. These days its fashionable.. me being the fashionista that I am...ROCK THOSE FRAMELESS GLASSES ALSO!!! LOL

Koreans usually don't say goodbye on the phone.. You cab literally have a phone conversation where one person just says EUNG the whole time.. LOL I ALSO DO IT NOW!!!

I also like to change my fashion up a lot now. These days day to day I completely change fashions. LOL Its not Emotistyle based.. Its just FUN! So along the lines of fashion I also like to DIY fashion here. For example I made this girls generation I got a boy themed denim jacket that I am wearing in the video. I hope you like it. LOL I also wear makeup everyday.. not heavy makeup just bb cream every single day usually. And I have either mascara on or eyeliner.

I didn't mention this in the video but I like dancing more here. I have more down time here during the week sometimes so I have been learning more K-pop dances.

Speaking of K-pop these days I am into more K-pop. Before I came to Korea I just liked Taeyang.. and a few other people. HOWEVER now I like a lot of different artists! I also like many not K-pop music which I wasnt exposed to until I came to Korea.

I also eat foods that I wouldn't imagine eating back in the USA and I like them. If you want me to make a video about foods I wouldnt have eaten before but eat and like now then THUMBS UP!!!

I also have become very patient from being here. In Korea the culture is different to instead of assuming hatred etc, I attribute everything to cultural differences and let things go.

In the beginning clips when I was in the mirror with the pants I was showing that I have lost weight. Being in Korea has made me lose 10 pounds. It's not much, however I was small to begin with and that came from just being here and not due to any other changes. I know that people who live in Korea usually loose weight the first few months that they are here due to the lifestyle here.

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Lee Hi parody "bam duyu chestnut soymilk" DELICIOUS

Instagram: @chonunmigooksaram

Hello ALL!! SOOO!!! This is the first parody I have done. LOL I love "Bam duyu" chestnut soy milk. ITS SO GOOD! I decided to make  parody of Lee Hi 1,2,3,4 LOL!!! Im not the best singer so I hope you enjoy it. I also talk in the video about the other flavors of soy milk in Korea. There are many flavors but in the video I just put my personal favorites.. and one that I really really hate! LOL The ones in the video are black bean, almond and pine nut, regular sweet, sweet potato, and chestnut which is the best of course! ^_^ I hope that you enjoy the Video please SUBSCRIBE and check out my other videos. ^_^

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How was my first year in Korea?..AWESOME!!

HELLO!! Everyone! I am Megan Bowen AKA "Chonun migook saram" (I am american person...minus the "am") In this video I will announce the winners of the GD one of a kind and the SNSD I got a boy cd's YAY!! I have been in Korea for 1 year!! HOLY COW!! THATS CRAZY!! I shall continue to stay here, this video is just about a few points of my first year in Korea. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SUBSCRIBED!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! I APPRECIATE THE SUPPORT SO MUCH!!!!!

1st thing: I have mastered the public transportation...FINALLY!!!! It was so hard. But now I am a pro!!!! THAT'S RIGHT PRO!!
2nd thing: I now have aquired sufficient Korean skills to sustain relationships! YAY!! Some friends that I have are Korean only friends....Its awesome. I also can now tell if people are talking about me! That's right!!! Especially on the bus... PEOPLE BE TALKING MAN!! LOL
3rd: Taxi drivers SUCK!! LOL They wont take you places if they don't want to.. and my taxi got in an accident but I still had to pay for it... AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! They wont take you especially if its SNOWING.. Raining.. Sunny... It really doesn't matter.
4th: KOREAN TIME IS FRUSTRATING!! Sometimes Korean's can be very last minute!! Very last minute!! especially at work.. Many things come up at the last minute.. sometimes qa few minutes before. AHHHHHH!!!!!!
5th: Koreans think that they know what's best for you... soooooooo... They tell you NO.. ALOT!!! Always NO!! NO!! NO!!!! you cant have this or that... I am not a child MAN!!!! But its all in good intentions! They just want to take care of you, so if they think they know whats best they will tell you.
6th: They also tell you no about things they dont understand. I am an African American.. I just don look like it so when I tell people they say NO you are not... but its not a joke they are serious.. LOL Its funny!!!
7th: Due to Koreans liking to help me out so much I have never been lost about many things here and have assimilated fairly well! :^)
8th: Overall I feel blessed here in South Korea! Especially with my Korean Co-workers. THEY ARE AWESOME and helpful!!! We are always eating together!!!! And they always make sure that I am taken care of! I appreciate them a lot!
9th: I am loosing my English skills these days.. but OH WELL!! VIVA LA KOREAN LANGUAGE!!
10th: I have met many foreign people. by foreign I mean non Korean or American. LOL So its awesome! I love meeting people!!!