Saturday, March 30, 2013

How Korea has changed me

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Hello!!!!! SOOOO!!!! I have changed in Many ways since being in Korea! Here is the breakdown of the video.

Koreans always carry umbrellas around. Even if there are only one or 2 raindrops per second...They will have it up. They also use it in the summer as well. NOW I DO IT ALSO!! As soon as I feel one little raindrop.. I WHIP OUT MY UMBRELLA!!!

Koreans always slurp their food... I have realized that its due to the food being so hot and people don't want to wait for it to cool down, so they slurp it!!! I ALSO DO IT NOW!!

Koreans don't cover their mouth when they cough sometimes.. as gross as that sounds I DO IT ALSO NOW.. I figured that since they share their germs with me.. I shall also share germs with them!

Koreans Wear glasses with no lenses in them. These days its fashionable.. me being the fashionista that I am...ROCK THOSE FRAMELESS GLASSES ALSO!!! LOL

Koreans usually don't say goodbye on the phone.. You cab literally have a phone conversation where one person just says EUNG the whole time.. LOL I ALSO DO IT NOW!!!

I also like to change my fashion up a lot now. These days day to day I completely change fashions. LOL Its not Emotistyle based.. Its just FUN! So along the lines of fashion I also like to DIY fashion here. For example I made this girls generation I got a boy themed denim jacket that I am wearing in the video. I hope you like it. LOL I also wear makeup everyday.. not heavy makeup just bb cream every single day usually. And I have either mascara on or eyeliner.

I didn't mention this in the video but I like dancing more here. I have more down time here during the week sometimes so I have been learning more K-pop dances.

Speaking of K-pop these days I am into more K-pop. Before I came to Korea I just liked Taeyang.. and a few other people. HOWEVER now I like a lot of different artists! I also like many not K-pop music which I wasnt exposed to until I came to Korea.

I also eat foods that I wouldn't imagine eating back in the USA and I like them. If you want me to make a video about foods I wouldnt have eaten before but eat and like now then THUMBS UP!!!

I also have become very patient from being here. In Korea the culture is different to instead of assuming hatred etc, I attribute everything to cultural differences and let things go.

In the beginning clips when I was in the mirror with the pants I was showing that I have lost weight. Being in Korea has made me lose 10 pounds. It's not much, however I was small to begin with and that came from just being here and not due to any other changes. I know that people who live in Korea usually loose weight the first few months that they are here due to the lifestyle here.

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