Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lee Hi parody "bam duyu chestnut soymilk" DELICIOUS

Instagram: @chonunmigooksaram

Hello ALL!! SOOO!!! This is the first parody I have done. LOL I love "Bam duyu" chestnut soy milk. ITS SO GOOD! I decided to make  parody of Lee Hi 1,2,3,4 LOL!!! Im not the best singer so I hope you enjoy it. I also talk in the video about the other flavors of soy milk in Korea. There are many flavors but in the video I just put my personal favorites.. and one that I really really hate! LOL The ones in the video are black bean, almond and pine nut, regular sweet, sweet potato, and chestnut which is the best of course! ^_^ I hope that you enjoy the Video please SUBSCRIBE and check out my other videos. ^_^

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