Sunday, April 21, 2013

Korea Lesser Known culture/superstitions

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Over the course of this year I have discovered other things about Korea's culture that I think are interesting! SOOOOOO!!! I thought that I would share some of them!

First one: never touch the top of someone's head who is older than you unless they give you permission! I was with my friends one time and my Korean friend refused to touch our friends head even though he got permission.

NEXT ONE!!! If someone is having a big test then you should give them sweets. not like a test in school, but some "life changing test" LOL!!! AND!!! one superstition about tests is that you shouldn't wash your hair before a test! IF YOU DON'T wash your hair then you will pass!!!

ALSO!! With your first paycheck you are to buy pajamas for your grandparents. I learned that from a Korean drama called Brilliant legacy..And I asked my friends about it as well to confirm that it was true and not just in the drama.

ALSO, You shouldn't point with your feet. It's very rude apparently (found out the hard way) LOL

While sitting across from someone who is older you shouldn't cross your legs. It's considered disrespectful!

A fun superstition is the rice cake superstition. While making rice cake together at Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) if you make pretty rice cakes then your daughters will be very pretty. 

When scraping rice off of the spoon you shouldn't scrape the side of the rice off of the spoon. You should leave it on there. Back in the day the poor people used to beg for rice from rich people and they would scrape the rice off of the spoon so the poor people could have more. SO since we aren't poor we shouldn't scrape the rice off.

ALSO! There is no calling shotgun in the front in Korea, since the best seat in a car is in the back right side of the car as opposed to the front passenger seat.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


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Hello friends and Family! Another video created for you all since I love ya dearly!!!!!!
SO this video is Kind of random but I was taking a shower and then I thought about all the random shower FRUSTRATIONS here in Korea. First one....The water will not get hot!! WILL NOT!! It takes soooo long for the water to get hot! SOOO LONG!!! And when it does its only hot for a few minutes! AHHH!!! SO when you want to shower you have to turn on the water and do something else while you wait for it to get hot! SO FRUSTRATING MAN!!! LOL

ALSO... when you are in the showr since its so cold the shampoo/bodywash is always frozen.. so it rolls off of your hand and onto the floor!!!!!!

AND THEN... After showering the floor is wet etc, since the whole bathroom is the shower! AHH!! And at night when you get up to use the bathroom the floor is wet so then your socks get wet etc. AHHHHHH!! SO FRUSTRATING MAN!!! LOL

ANYWAY... this rant of sorts was fun for me to film.. I hope you enjoyed it!