Sunday, August 26, 2012


OK!! KOREAN BUGS ARE SO BIG!!! IDK of its the healthy food they have over here, or the fact that they put their trash outside on the streets providing the bugs with nice healthy meals... but WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! In class, due to the lack of AC inside we always have the windows open. Bugs are continually flying in.. AND THEY ARE HUGE!! There are dragon flies, wasps, bees, hornets, and eben house flies!! AND THEY ALL ARE MUCH MUCH LARGER THAN IM USED TO!!!! :^) anyway!! I hope you enjoy watching my showdown with a cricket grasshopper locusts thing in my house!!!

introducing iRK

In light of the random video footage that I have collected on my iPhone, I have decided to start making short videos with random iPhone clips. I will still continue to make lon gones about specific topics, but I can finally put out my random video clips that I collected. :^) YAAAY!! so. iRk stands for I record Korea. Its a small i since I am using my iPhone.. I Tried to be a little bit funny... not sure if I succeeded, however, YOU BETTER LIKE IT!!! LOL HEHEHE!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

ESL summer camp in Korea

HELLO!!!!! I thought that my summer camp idea was so fun.. not that I am boasting about it.. but I had a blast. I probably enjoyed it just as much as the students did. LOL!! Anyway....If you are an English teacher consider this an opportunity to take a few ideas. FEEL FREE TO COMMENT AND LEAVE ANY IDEAS YOU MAY HAVE FOR ENGLISH CAMPS!!! I take any and all class ideas. LOL!! If you are not a teacher. Then  you will still enjoy this video. LOL

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HELLO!!! Korean Karaoke is very intense!!!!!!!! LOL!! And Karaoke places are literally on every corner!!!! In korean the place is called a norebang (song room). Here you rent out a room with comfortable furnishings. Its a good place to hang out considering Korean apartments are too small for guests. Did I mention.. its very cheap? ENJOY THE VIDEO!!! Subscribe to the youtube page.