Friday, October 18, 2013

Busiest female bloopers

HEY GUYS!! you asked for some bloopers!!! I had some great ones but I deleted them while filming to save space on the memory card!! SORRY!! should have thought before then to not erase them! LOL OH WELL!!! here are the ones I didn't erase!!



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SO!!! In this NOM vlog I go to EVERLAND! a BIG theme park in South Korea!!! ITS AWESOME THERE!!! They even have a Halloween horror nights there!! OMGSH!!! AND HAUNTED HOUSES!! SO FUN!!!!


OMGSH!! no for EVERLAND!! The nom for today comes from everland!! Its peanut butter roasted squid!! SO GOOD!!!

At everland the haunted houses were so scary!!!! ASIAN PEOPLE IN SCARY MAKEUP=AHHHHHHH!!! SO SCARY!! I made it out alive though. LOL

ALSO, at Everland there is a K-pop store!! A YG STORE!!!!! OMGSH!!! But there is no Taeyang stuff there really. DISAPPOINT!!! Get it together YG and get Taeyang stuff!!!

Couples holding hands and not letting go.. I HATE THAT!

Weather changing.... I HATE THAT!! Cant it be summer all the time!! DANG!!! I wish it was always summer!!! I never know what to wear when seasons change!! AHHHH!!!

lastly.. LOSTINTRANSLATION, the winner of the giveaway still did not contact me!! Im giving you one week from today!!! I would hate for you to forfeit the prize!!!


The busiest Female 난 바쁜 지지배 CL The baddest female Parody나쁜 기집에 페러디

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This is just something I was working on! A parody of CL the baddest female! One day with friends the idea suddenly came!! "The busiest Female" Props to Seonghoon and Nadan for the studio recording/help songwriting!! THANKS GUYS!! and for the actors and actresses. Muriel, Nathan, Kim Ju Yeong, Rudy. THANKS GUYS!!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013



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Hyuna inspired makeup


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Products used:

Mejutu puffy eye tape
The body shop color adapting BB cream in shade #1
Misha The style fitting wear powder shade 23
etude house white styling eyeliner
cathy cat easy eyeliner black
etude house PK005 lipstick color
etude house rosy tint lips in shade #1
etude house color my brows in shade 3
missha perfect concealer
etude house lash perm mascara

This is my Hyuna inspired makeup that I had on Instagram! you guys asked for the makeup tutorial. so here it is!!

Q&A things foreigners do that annoy Koreans

Movie clip is from Major Payne


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SO!! Someone asked, what do Foreigners do that annoy Korean people in Korea. Well My coworker is on an online community and we asked the people on there and here are their responses!!

#1 When people think they are culturally superior.  Many cultural things are just a result of society teaching us these things and not necessarily right or wrong, so don't go thinking that your culture is the best or is right and the other cultures are wrong.

#2 When Foreigners show their boobs. Modesty is different in all cultures so we have to remember that in Korea the lower half isn't as important as the upper half. 

#3 Speaking English and saying things about Korean people right next to them. RUDE!!

#4 Speaking loud on the subway.  Keep that booming western voice down please.

#5 NOT LEARNING KOREAN!!! you dont have to learn it fluently but take some initiative and learn hangul or basic expressions please!! you cannot expect them to speak your language when you come here!!!!

SO I HOPE THAT THAT HELPED YOU!!!!! Im not professing to be some guru of knowledge, but these are what people in the community said and I see them to be true as well.




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SOOOO!!!! In this Nom vlog #5!!


SOOO!!!! In this vlog I shall be giving away G- dragon's new CD COUP D' ETAT !! YAY!! as well as cat ears headband, and come Korean candy!! YAY for Korean candy!

SO ITS CHUSEOK!! YAY CHUSEOK!! That means time to eat delicious food1! So the nom for this week is CHUSEOK FOOD! kimchi(김치), fried eggs stuffs, rice(백미), and anchovies(멸치)!! YUMM!!! SO GOOD!!!

SO In OTHER NEWS!! I am babysitting a cat!! HE IS SO LOUD OMGARSH!!!!! LOL SO I am using my microphone!! SORRY!!!

I went to a restaurant that sells Kong gugsu (콩국수) And the employee was drunk!! OMGARSH!!! THAT WAS CRAZY interesting!!

SO THERE ARE UNIZEX BATHROOMS IN KOREA!!! and they freak me out when I accidentally go into one without knowing!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Public school programs teaching in South Korea EPIK GEPIK SMOE


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HALLYU BACK Fashion police Video

OK!! SO there are 3 major programs for teaching English in South Korea.

The difference between them is the location.
SMOE is for Seoul,
GEPIK is for Gyeonggi-do
EPIK is for the rest of Korea.

They are basically the same with few minor differences. Check out the video for more information. :)

How to walk/run in heel less heels


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SO many of you saw my picture on instagram of my heel less moneyball platrofm sneakers that I bought from Fly jane and were like... HOW DO YOU WALK IN THOSE!!!
SO!! I decided to make a video explaining how to walk in them.

First thing about the shoes is that the shoes are weighted at the bottom, so its easy to keep your foot down.
Second the shoe curvs up at the front so you can easily stride forward.
Third thing about the shoe is that there is a small heel on the back to keep you from walling backwards, you can also balance back on that heel if you need to.

SO first dont skouch, or bend your knees too much! If you bend your knees too much you will look like that robot that Honda built!!

Just bend your knees ever so slightly and put your chest out and stick your booty out a little bit.

Next thing to do is to take smaller strides, you cannot take very big strides in these shoes, lest you fall forward!! SO!!! dont do that!! LOL

take little steps and it helps to walk one foot in front of the other and swish your hips a bit.

If you need to run you cannot run too fast, but you can do it. you just have to remember that the front slopes upward so if too much momentum goes forward SO WILL YOU!!!

You have to take hops in between strides and keep your weight centered on the platform!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013



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Amsa station line 8 exit 3
From exit 3 turn around and at the intersection make a left, walk for about 1 minute and you will see the building its on the corner on the 2nd floor. look for (쥬니아 한복).

OMGSH!!! we have now grown to over 9,000 subscribers!! HOLY COW OF AWESOMENESS!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!!! I APPRECIATE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

SO!!! first thing!! I got a hanbok!! TRADITIONAL KOREAN CLOTHES!!! ITS SO PRETTY!!!!! Its a noble lady style!!! I LIKE FEELIN NOBLE!!!!

IN OTHER NEWS!! I went to Lotte World.. The largest indoor amusement park in the world conveniently located in SOuth Korea!! YAY!! I WENT THERE! IT WAS AWESOME!!!

SO!! I went to the Korean Pool for the first time.... It was fun! a bit interesting but fun!!! ALMOST EVERY MAN WAS WEARING A SPEEDO!!! EVEN OLD MEN!! EWWWWWW!! LOL But the most interesting part was the tents... Some Korean people hide from the sun, so they bring camping tents to the pool. LOL and stay in them.

OTHER NEWS!!!! I started school back.. no more desk warming!!

Once I get to 10,000 subbies I will do a giveaway and a draw my life tag. Someone asked me and I told her at 10,000 subbies I would do a draw my life tag. SO BE READY!!! I will probably give away G dragons new CD.

Like in the other nOM vlog when you guys subscribed it made me happy so I danced to 2Ne1 Fallin in love.. but I didnt have enough time to learn a new dance. so just a bit of 2NE1 do you love me!! LOL

FYI... wearing this hanbok makes me want to be in a historic drama...


Qualifications for teaching in South Korea.


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SO! the requirements to be a teacher are as follows!!!!
USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, SOuth Africa.
4 year degree, in any field!! THAT'S RIGHT ANY FIELD!!!
ALSO if you do not have a teaching degree then you must get a TEFL certification.
Health: you must be healthy! MENTALLY AN PHYSICALLY

THATS IT!!!! SO what I did was just talk also about some things I realized since being here about some teaching things!!!

1st one, do what you say you are going to do!!!!!
2nd one, be slow to anger.
3rd one, be fair to everyone, !!!!
I am no expert teacher these are just some things that I saw and realized to be beneficial!


HOw I pass desk warming!! IM CRAY CRAY!!


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SO!! I am so bored during desk warming this year.. SO I FILMED AND EDITED A VIDEO!!! Of how I pas my desk warming!

First.. I do my makeup.. no mirror makeup challenge?
Second...I like to drink tea!!! LOTS OF TEA!!
THirdly...I like to draw!! I love art!!
Fourthly...I like to pretent that I am in a video game! SO MUCH FUN!!
NEXT..I like to explore the school!
NEXT...I like to paint my nails.. FUN THINGS!!!
This video is kind of crazy.. but I hope you can enjoy it!!!


NOM VLOG#3 cheap hair extensions?!?!


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SO!!!! Its time for NOM vlog#3 YAY!! That is exciting! Its also exciting that we are almost 4,000!! OMGARSH!!!! SO AWESOME!!! I SO HAPPY!!!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! I APPRECIATE YOU GUYS SUBSCRIBING SO MUCH!!!!


SO this week has been interesting. The nom for today is (고추)Go chu (Korean pepper) with (고추장) Korean pepper paste. SO GOOD!!  delicious.. however... When eating them there is always a SUPER SPICY ONE!!! LIKE......ITS SO HOT!!!! I always eat that one! AHHHHH!!! MOUTH ON FIRE CONSTANT INDIGESTION!! but its so good!! LOL

ALso, I found some 3$ hair extensions... THEY MATCH PERFECTLY!! PERFECTLY!!! AHHHHH!!! SO HAPPY!! Now I am not afraid to cut my hair.. hmmmmm. Maybe I shall. LOL

Its storming today! THUNDER LIKE WOAH during filming... my bad! I cant help it!!

BUT THOSE RED LOBSTER BISCUITS THOUGH!!... I want flaming hot Cheetos and red lobster biscuits so badly now!!! I NEED!!! Ill probably have to make them homemade!

ALSO!! those Korean grapes though.. they have very tough people usually suck the inside out and leave the grape skins on the table.. GROSS!!! I cant eat them with people because spit traumatizes me!!! LOL


I FOUND 2ne1 Dance dance revolution in the Korean arcade! IT WAS MAGICAL!! There were also ICE CREAM CLAY MACHINES!!! OMGARSH!!! It was fantastic.. but I lost my money. AHHHH!!! there were also hello kitty claw machines and anime character themed claw machines!!! FUN TIMES!! There was even a noraebang(노래방) in there!! HOLY COW!!!

ANY WHO!! Thats about how my week was this week. THANKS FOR READING AND WATCHING!!

Koren Afros Perspectives on curly hair

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SO!!! Someone, who's ID I lost.. :( Asked me how Korean people viewed curly hair. It may seem like a weird question, but in the USA curly hair is often times not seen as attractive as straight hair. And when going to a job interview, you should straughten it to be seen as more professional. I have had my fair share of curly hair descrimination! ITS TERRIBLE!! LOL But is it that way in Korea?!?! I cant speak for the whole of Korea, but in this video I share my experiences with curly hair in Korea(Before My magic perm of course) OKEY!!!

SO, in Korea when someone sees curly hair, especially if it is kinky curly they will touch it! THEY LOVE IT!! Mainly because it so different from their own hair. I always only recieved positive feedback from my curly hair, but when my hair is straight people are more prone to say that I am pretty. LOL I think they just like the curly hair but dont necessarily think that its pretty on me. LOL ANYWAY!!! I noticed that on Korean people who have naturaly curly hair, They tend to want straught hair. Just like in many other cultures, people want the opposite of what they have! NO DIFFERENT HERE~

But in terms of the professionalism of curly hair; it is professional here. One day I didnt do my hair I just rolled out of bed and washed it. And everyone loved it. I had a conversation with my coworker and she said that if its my natural hair, they wouldnt think that it wasnt professional. Because its YOUR HAIR! IT WAS COOL!! LOL Then I began to wear it curly. I didnt straighten it because I didnt like my curly hair, or because I feel ugly wearing it. I like it! But.. When you are working and tryng to get a job, you got to do what you got to do!! :) SO don;t think that I am a curly hair hater, or dont like myslf. I do. :) I also didnt get a magic perm becasue I feel like my curly hair isnt good, I got it because I wanted a change. We get bored with our hair easily as women, Im sure in a few years Ill grow it out and go back curly. Lol


Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Flow Mass Korea - Give it to me baby
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SO you guys really liked the NOMVLOG#1.. so here is #2!!! YAAY!!!
TODAYS NOM is Coffee flavored GUM!!
This vlog is the athletic edition!!! SO... in my classes, we played a game where the students had to kick their school shoes into the basket.... well in some of the classes the students asked if they could do splits and put them in the baskets if their foot stayed behind the line. I was like... omm.. sure... AND HOW ABOUT SO MANY STUDENTS COULD DO SPLITS.. OVER HALF!!! DAAAANNGGG!!! I need to get athletic! LOL
I also went to the R16, the BBOY world championship held in KOREA!! so cool!! It was fantastic.. again.. I decided I needed to get ATHLETIC!! LOL I mean I do workout.. but DANG BBOYS are strong. LOL LOL

OK.. so..AFter attempting to get athletic I needed some chicken.. so why not go to the BEST CHICKEN PLACE OF ALL TIME!! Located in Anyang south Korea. LOL!!

ALSO!!! My friends music video is finished!! YAY!! I was working so hard on that/11 ITS FINALLY FINISHED!! YAY!!!!!! SO EXCITING!!! Its a great song, I think that you guys will like it! CHECK IT OUT!! Its the guys that I was putting makeup on for NOMVLOG#1.


Q&A How to Koreans react wheh they find out Im black.

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HELLO!!!! SOOO!!!!!!!
Recently people have been asking about my race/etc. And How Koreans act when they find out when I am black. SO, for everyone that didn't know. I am black. LOL And, It seems like Korean people cannot wrap their minds around that fact.

When I tell them that I am black, they usually tell me NO!! and I HATE THAT! LOL I usually don't mind things, but that does make me upset, a bit. SO THEN I BECOME LIKE MINA from Girl's day Twinkle twinkle, and plot evil against them! LOL JOKE!! But really.....

It seems like in Korea people tend to think that if you are from a certain country then you should have certain features. If you don't fit that mold then people think you are not "really" from there. They may think that your parents are from another country, etc.

For example, being American, you must have light hair and light eyes to be real American. SO, At work people think that I am not "real" American since I have dark hair. But I cannot speak for the whole of Korea, just me and my experiences! This is what I have experienced!

They usually think that I am either, Indian, Spanish, Moroccan, or from a Middle Eastern Nation. Which is Understandable. SInce people from those nations think I am from there sometimes. LOL



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Its just very basic.
I put on a base, and then use some BB cream for the concealer, and then blush, mascara, and false eyelashes. THATS ALL!! LOL



Friday, July 5, 2013


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HELLO!!! This is a new thing that I decided to try since you guys wanted videos more frequently. I can post a video of me talking about some things that happened to me this week, or some thoughts that I had this week. I hope that you guys enjoy the video!

In this video I talk about how guys are with makeup in Korea. They usually aren't opposed to it. Not like in North America. For an activity we did with the students in class. The students had to put on lipstick and then press their lips on paper to make a lip print, and then we measured the lips. I did that activity during an open class where the parents come in...I was so afraid of.. parents berating me for putting the lipstick on the boys, but my coworker reassured me that its just fine. ANYWAY!! RANDOM I KNOW!! BUT!! hey. Let me know if you like it in the comments below! :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Korean Magic straight perm!

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HELLO GUYS!!! SO!!!! Some people have been asking about my hair ever since I got the Magic perm! Im happy that it looks so good! LOL!! But I love this perm! I cant live without it now!

I got it about 1 month ago at a hair salon called Family Hair shop located in itaewon. it costs about 200$ for my hair. After it grows out and the roots need to be touched up it will run between 40-60$.

The process was quite long for me since I have African American/Black hair. The Korean perm is like the Japanese straightening and the thermal reconditioning treatments. They just wash your hair and then apply some solution to break the bonds. Then they wash and flat iron it and reform the bonds on the flat ironed hair. So it's also very similar to a curly perm except rods are not used, and instead the flat iron is used to create the desired hair shape.  

The main thing that I wanted to know before I got the perm was, will it dry pin straight with my hair texture?!? The answer is partially.  Its straight enough that I can just wear it out. It can also be straightened by blowdrying with a round brush. Its very soft and shiny, and SOOO EASY TO MANAGE NOW!!

Before it took me 2 hours or so to flat iron and blow dry my hair.. not its takes less than 30 minutes. Also, now I don't have to rely on heat tools to style it. I can braid it at night and have a heatless wave/curl in the morning. I am SUPER GRATEFUL FOR THAT!! BEcause heat tools used on a regular basis are damaging, and because they are so damaging and it takes too much time to do my hair, didn't straighten it that often. Now I can have straight and easy to manage hair every day.

ALSO!! The rain is no longer my enemy! I AM GRATEFUL FOR THAT!! My hair is pretty much straight when it the rain cannot ruin it.


Things I cant get used to in Korea/ GIVEAWAY

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SOOO!!!!! WE ARE OVER 1,000 now! YAAAY!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! SO we are having a giveaway!! YAAAY!!!!


THings I cant get used to:
#1 BOOTY SLAPPING!!!!! Its like a pat on the back in Korea. Its usually done between older people to younger people. BUT AT WORK IT ALWAYS CATCHES ME OFF GUARD! You knwo at work you have to do orientation and they talk about sexual harassment and stuff. So I was alway sinto the NO TOUCHING AT WORK mindset. It may also be just because Im the youngest employee at work.. so the older women tend to always pat my booty! LOL

AJUSSHI always walk around and SPIT... BIG PILES OF SPIT! EWWWWWW. And drunkeness is ok in Korea so people often vomit alot in the streets. AHHHH!!! I hate that!!!!! IT IS GROSS TO THE MAXIMUM!!!

#3 Staring and pointing
staring is not so much of a bother, but pointing! I was always told as a child that you dont point.. especially if the person is looking right at you. Sometimes you cant even point at objects if people are around. SO.. when I see people pointing PARENTS AND CHILDREN. It always catches me off guard!

#4 SAYING OBVIOUS THINGS THAT MAY HURT SOMEONES FEELINGS!! AHHHH!!! Korean people like to help you. SO.. they think that y pointing out stuff like pimples, weight gain, etc they are helping you. SOmetimes its just embarrassing and makes me sad.. and want to eat chocolate! LOL

BUY ANYHOO!!! those are some things that I cannot get used to in Korea!!!

To enter the giveaway you just have to subscribe to my youtube channel and tell me which one of my videos is your favorite video and why. YOu can slso enter on twitter or on my blog website.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Are you beautifun in Korea?

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SOOOO!!! This topic is one of the most interesting to me!!

Korea is very homogenous, and as a result people tend to go towards one look of beauty. There is only ONE standard of beauty here. And here are the main components of being beautiful in Korea.

The first thing that Koreans think is beautiful is pale skin. There are many BB creams and other beauty products that people will use in order to achieve white skin.

They also focus a lot on the eyes! They like eyes with out folds that are big. For example if you look at Taeyang from Big bang, he has small eyes with only one eyelid (monolid) and an in fold(WHICH I THINK IS SO ATTRACTIVE) Fyi. LOL But in Korea bigger eyes are desired.

Also something interesting is that they want the back of their head to be rounded. Ive noticed (after Korean people pointing it out to me) that Koreans do tend to have flatter heads in the back and front. They usually get perms that make the back of their head look more rounded.

They think small faces are also beautiful. Go ah ra, a Korean drama actress supposedly has a very small face and is considered very beautiful.

Along with a small face they think that having a tall nose bridge is also beautiful.

Koreans also like to have curvy bodies! Mind you, this is Korean curvy, not Western curvy. As small as I am my students think I have a big booty! LOL But they like to have X lines or S lines.

If you look at an X, you will see that it is small in the middle where the 2 lines cross. This represents your waist. They want to have a small waist like an X.

An S line is representative of a woman with a nice booty and bust. If you picture a woman standing sideways. BUT NOT TOO BIG!!!!!!!

The way we spend money on cosmetic dentistry seems silly to korean people. Teeth aren't important to Korean people just like the back of someones head shape isn't important to us. We usually dont even notice head shape unless its REALLY different. SO, if people have some problems with their teeth its not a big issue in considering beauty. Now their teeth are certainly not bad, but overall they dont pay as much attention to them as we do in the United states.


Aegyo sal

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Hello, friends and family!!! ANOTHER VIDEO MADE!!!!
This topic probably seems rather ambiguous, but I promise it's not! Aegyo sal(애교살) is the big pouch of fat under the eyes. It's not only on Korean people, but western people can also have it. Before I get into Aegyo sal, I will talk about aegyo. Aegyo is kind of big in Korea. Not only Korea but in many Asian countries actually. Aegyo is just cuteness! There are specific cute things that Asians do to be cute. If you look at Sunny from girls generation (SNSD), you can see some examples of Aegyo. She is the aegyo queen!!! LOL!! I noticed that on TV like on many Korean dramas, Aegyo is played up a lot!! In real life people aren't that extreme with their aegyo. NOW ONTO AEGYO SAL! Asians think that if you have Aegyo sal that you can look more cute! SO some people will get surgery to add the pouches under their eyes so that they can look more cute. I like Aegyo sl on people...when its natural. The artificial ones are sometimes a bit creepy!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Calculating Korean age

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Hello, friends and family!!!!! I recieved a question asking about how to calculate Korean age. It's not too hard. SOOOO Let's jump right into it!!!! FIRST!! take your year of birth, and subtract it from the current year. For example, I was born in 1989 and its now 2013; so 2013-1989=24. Take that number and add 1! AND VOILA!!! you have calculated your Korean age. WHen you are born you are already 1 year old! And every year when the new year comes, you gain another year of age. THAT's ALLL!!! simple right?!?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Korea Lesser Known culture/superstitions

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Over the course of this year I have discovered other things about Korea's culture that I think are interesting! SOOOOOO!!! I thought that I would share some of them!

First one: never touch the top of someone's head who is older than you unless they give you permission! I was with my friends one time and my Korean friend refused to touch our friends head even though he got permission.

NEXT ONE!!! If someone is having a big test then you should give them sweets. not like a test in school, but some "life changing test" LOL!!! AND!!! one superstition about tests is that you shouldn't wash your hair before a test! IF YOU DON'T wash your hair then you will pass!!!

ALSO!! With your first paycheck you are to buy pajamas for your grandparents. I learned that from a Korean drama called Brilliant legacy..And I asked my friends about it as well to confirm that it was true and not just in the drama.

ALSO, You shouldn't point with your feet. It's very rude apparently (found out the hard way) LOL

While sitting across from someone who is older you shouldn't cross your legs. It's considered disrespectful!

A fun superstition is the rice cake superstition. While making rice cake together at Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) if you make pretty rice cakes then your daughters will be very pretty. 

When scraping rice off of the spoon you shouldn't scrape the side of the rice off of the spoon. You should leave it on there. Back in the day the poor people used to beg for rice from rich people and they would scrape the rice off of the spoon so the poor people could have more. SO since we aren't poor we shouldn't scrape the rice off.

ALSO! There is no calling shotgun in the front in Korea, since the best seat in a car is in the back right side of the car as opposed to the front passenger seat.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


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Hello friends and Family! Another video created for you all since I love ya dearly!!!!!!
SO this video is Kind of random but I was taking a shower and then I thought about all the random shower FRUSTRATIONS here in Korea. First one....The water will not get hot!! WILL NOT!! It takes soooo long for the water to get hot! SOOO LONG!!! And when it does its only hot for a few minutes! AHHH!!! SO when you want to shower you have to turn on the water and do something else while you wait for it to get hot! SO FRUSTRATING MAN!!! LOL

ALSO... when you are in the showr since its so cold the shampoo/bodywash is always frozen.. so it rolls off of your hand and onto the floor!!!!!!

AND THEN... After showering the floor is wet etc, since the whole bathroom is the shower! AHH!! And at night when you get up to use the bathroom the floor is wet so then your socks get wet etc. AHHHHHH!! SO FRUSTRATING MAN!!! LOL

ANYWAY... this rant of sorts was fun for me to film.. I hope you enjoyed it!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

How Korea has changed me

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Hello!!!!! SOOOO!!!! I have changed in Many ways since being in Korea! Here is the breakdown of the video.

Koreans always carry umbrellas around. Even if there are only one or 2 raindrops per second...They will have it up. They also use it in the summer as well. NOW I DO IT ALSO!! As soon as I feel one little raindrop.. I WHIP OUT MY UMBRELLA!!!

Koreans always slurp their food... I have realized that its due to the food being so hot and people don't want to wait for it to cool down, so they slurp it!!! I ALSO DO IT NOW!!

Koreans don't cover their mouth when they cough sometimes.. as gross as that sounds I DO IT ALSO NOW.. I figured that since they share their germs with me.. I shall also share germs with them!

Koreans Wear glasses with no lenses in them. These days its fashionable.. me being the fashionista that I am...ROCK THOSE FRAMELESS GLASSES ALSO!!! LOL

Koreans usually don't say goodbye on the phone.. You cab literally have a phone conversation where one person just says EUNG the whole time.. LOL I ALSO DO IT NOW!!!

I also like to change my fashion up a lot now. These days day to day I completely change fashions. LOL Its not Emotistyle based.. Its just FUN! So along the lines of fashion I also like to DIY fashion here. For example I made this girls generation I got a boy themed denim jacket that I am wearing in the video. I hope you like it. LOL I also wear makeup everyday.. not heavy makeup just bb cream every single day usually. And I have either mascara on or eyeliner.

I didn't mention this in the video but I like dancing more here. I have more down time here during the week sometimes so I have been learning more K-pop dances.

Speaking of K-pop these days I am into more K-pop. Before I came to Korea I just liked Taeyang.. and a few other people. HOWEVER now I like a lot of different artists! I also like many not K-pop music which I wasnt exposed to until I came to Korea.

I also eat foods that I wouldn't imagine eating back in the USA and I like them. If you want me to make a video about foods I wouldnt have eaten before but eat and like now then THUMBS UP!!!

I also have become very patient from being here. In Korea the culture is different to instead of assuming hatred etc, I attribute everything to cultural differences and let things go.

In the beginning clips when I was in the mirror with the pants I was showing that I have lost weight. Being in Korea has made me lose 10 pounds. It's not much, however I was small to begin with and that came from just being here and not due to any other changes. I know that people who live in Korea usually loose weight the first few months that they are here due to the lifestyle here.

I hope you enjoy the video SUBSCRIBE!!! If you havent! Thanks for watching!!!! :^)
DOn't forget to ask any questions that you have down in the comments or to my twitter! Thanks again for the support!

Lee Hi parody "bam duyu chestnut soymilk" DELICIOUS

Instagram: @chonunmigooksaram

Hello ALL!! SOOO!!! This is the first parody I have done. LOL I love "Bam duyu" chestnut soy milk. ITS SO GOOD! I decided to make  parody of Lee Hi 1,2,3,4 LOL!!! Im not the best singer so I hope you enjoy it. I also talk in the video about the other flavors of soy milk in Korea. There are many flavors but in the video I just put my personal favorites.. and one that I really really hate! LOL The ones in the video are black bean, almond and pine nut, regular sweet, sweet potato, and chestnut which is the best of course! ^_^ I hope that you enjoy the Video please SUBSCRIBE and check out my other videos. ^_^

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How was my first year in Korea?..AWESOME!!

HELLO!! Everyone! I am Megan Bowen AKA "Chonun migook saram" (I am american person...minus the "am") In this video I will announce the winners of the GD one of a kind and the SNSD I got a boy cd's YAY!! I have been in Korea for 1 year!! HOLY COW!! THATS CRAZY!! I shall continue to stay here, this video is just about a few points of my first year in Korea. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SUBSCRIBED!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! I APPRECIATE THE SUPPORT SO MUCH!!!!!

1st thing: I have mastered the public transportation...FINALLY!!!! It was so hard. But now I am a pro!!!! THAT'S RIGHT PRO!!
2nd thing: I now have aquired sufficient Korean skills to sustain relationships! YAY!! Some friends that I have are Korean only friends....Its awesome. I also can now tell if people are talking about me! That's right!!! Especially on the bus... PEOPLE BE TALKING MAN!! LOL
3rd: Taxi drivers SUCK!! LOL They wont take you places if they don't want to.. and my taxi got in an accident but I still had to pay for it... AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! They wont take you especially if its SNOWING.. Raining.. Sunny... It really doesn't matter.
4th: KOREAN TIME IS FRUSTRATING!! Sometimes Korean's can be very last minute!! Very last minute!! especially at work.. Many things come up at the last minute.. sometimes qa few minutes before. AHHHHHH!!!!!!
5th: Koreans think that they know what's best for you... soooooooo... They tell you NO.. ALOT!!! Always NO!! NO!! NO!!!! you cant have this or that... I am not a child MAN!!!! But its all in good intentions! They just want to take care of you, so if they think they know whats best they will tell you.
6th: They also tell you no about things they dont understand. I am an African American.. I just don look like it so when I tell people they say NO you are not... but its not a joke they are serious.. LOL Its funny!!!
7th: Due to Koreans liking to help me out so much I have never been lost about many things here and have assimilated fairly well! :^)
8th: Overall I feel blessed here in South Korea! Especially with my Korean Co-workers. THEY ARE AWESOME and helpful!!! We are always eating together!!!! And they always make sure that I am taken care of! I appreciate them a lot!
9th: I am loosing my English skills these days.. but OH WELL!! VIVA LA KOREAN LANGUAGE!!
10th: I have met many foreign people. by foreign I mean non Korean or American. LOL So its awesome! I love meeting people!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Giveaway!! Why didn't anyone tell me before?!? Hotline Korea

Hello guys!!!! I have been gettin at least one subscriber per day!! So encouraged!! I decided to do a cd giveaway!!!! I'm Giving away GD one of a kind... Or SNSD I got a boy!! Watch the video for instructions!!!  My twitter is @migook_saram. Or you can post your answer on my blog page!! Thanks for watching. good luck with the giveaway!!!!!!!! It ends on march 4th! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Tips on dealing with other cultures Korea's one of a kind culture

HELLO!! SOOOOOO!! I am not claiming to be some cultural Guru or knowledge! HAHA!! But I do know what helps me when approaching different cultures! SOOOOOO!!!!!! I hope that this video helps you  in your interactions with the Korean cluture. even if you are not going to come to Korea, it could possibly help you to be able to frame your mindset around different people. :^)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

How I'm learning Korean/Tips for learning Korean

SO. The biggest questions that I get on my youtube page are about me and my Korean capabilities and how to learn Korean. Here are some helpful tips on how to learn Korean and things that I use to learn Korean. These tips are mostly for those living in Korea, as the bulk of my learning is in Korea. However, if you don't live in Korean, you can still take some tips away from this.

I hope you enjoy the video!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Why I love Korea

SO... I decided to stay in Korea because it's such an awesome place for me personally. I love the food, people, fashion, and infrastructure! The people are so sweet and caring and always want to help you! They will come up to you and try to speak in English sometimes. I feel loved by them and appreciate them a lot! Enjoy the video and please subscribe if you haven't already. Also feel free to ask any questions that you may have. I won't bite I promise. :^)