Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Q&A How to Koreans react wheh they find out Im black.

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HELLO!!!! SOOO!!!!!!!
Recently people have been asking about my race/etc. And How Koreans act when they find out when I am black. SO, for everyone that didn't know. I am black. LOL And, It seems like Korean people cannot wrap their minds around that fact.

When I tell them that I am black, they usually tell me NO!! and I HATE THAT! LOL I usually don't mind things, but that does make me upset, a bit. SO THEN I BECOME LIKE MINA from Girl's day Twinkle twinkle, and plot evil against them! LOL JOKE!! But really.....

It seems like in Korea people tend to think that if you are from a certain country then you should have certain features. If you don't fit that mold then people think you are not "really" from there. They may think that your parents are from another country, etc.

For example, being American, you must have light hair and light eyes to be real American. SO, At work people think that I am not "real" American since I have dark hair. But I cannot speak for the whole of Korea, just me and my experiences! This is what I have experienced!

They usually think that I am either, Indian, Spanish, Moroccan, or from a Middle Eastern Nation. Which is Understandable. SInce people from those nations think I am from there sometimes. LOL


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