Sunday, December 30, 2012


OK!!! SO Shyabu Shyabu is soo stinkin delicious!! SO I had to make a shyabu shyabu rap about it! LOL! HAHA!!! PLEASE ENJOY THE VIDEO!!!!!! AND TRY SOME SHYABU SHYABU IS YOU HAVE NEVER!!!

ANI PANG....Torturing me in all public transportation!

SO!! THIS GAME IS SO ANNOYING!! Well... It's a fun game its just annoying because in the Subways and busses EVERYONE is playing it! Which normally wouldnt bother me..NO.. But they play with the sound on!!! WHYYYYYYYY!!! LOL!! It;s quiet on the bus/subway and then I hear the sounds of ANI pong. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! LOL

BINDAEDDOEK!! Delicious Korean Food!!

SO!! I love KOREAN FOOD!! ITS SO DELICIOUS!! Except for a few things I like everything I have tried! :^) This is kind of like a Korean pancake except for its made on a stone instead of in a skillet. In this video I tried Nokdubindaeddoek (녹두빈대떡). Nokdu is a grain. They grind it up and add onions and various other things and cook it! SUPERB I TELL YA!!!!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


SO! In Korea there seems to be no soft cookies anywhere! I mean anywhere! Baking is not a big part of the culture here so most places dont have an oven and if they do its small and not meant for baking full sized cakes!!! IT WAS TERRIBLE!! I have an oven but its a roasting oven.. it only produces fire with no ability to control temperature! AHH!!! also due to the lack of baking here there are no cookie doughs and ready made stuff you can just pop into an oven if you happen to have one. BUT!!! I found a gold mine! I FOUND BEN's COOKIES!! Its located in Shindorim station on line 1 at the d-cube mall food court! YAY!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

GIVEAWAY/Cute Korean Eared things

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! THIS IS THE HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY/10,000 VIDEO VIEW EDITION!!OK!! Since its getting SOOO COLD outside I thought it appropriate to make a video about FLUFFY THINGS WITH EARS THAT KEEP YOU WARM!!! OK! so In Korea many blankets/hoodies/hats have EARSIES!! They are so cute!!!! Also besides ears, there are cat paw gloves!! SO CUTE!!!!! RIDICULOUSLY CUTE(not very practical) BUT CUTE!!! Many celebrities like SHINee, ZEA, Taeyang, and TVXQ(to name a few) also enjoy these cute things!!!!! ENJOY THE VIDEO!!!
*********GIVEAWAY RULES********
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3)live anywhere in the world.. THATS RIGHT WORLD WIDE GIVEAWAY!!
4) In the comments below answer this question
"If you had animal pajamas like mine what would you do with them?"
Contest ends on November 13th at 1pm KST

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blood typing in Korea

In Korea, instead of caring about someone's zodiac sign, they care about your blood type. EVERYONE DOESN'T care about it, and its not a serious matter. Its just something they usually use for fun to try to guess what your personality might be like. Although its not serious, it is bigger comparatively than zodiac in North America. I was bored.. so that's why I created my dating drama. LOL!!  ENJOY AND SUBSCRIBE!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Korean handgames/Violent penalties

When I first got here and saw many children hitting eachother all the time I was like AHHHHHH. No no hitting no hitting!!1 Then i realized that the korean teachers didnt seem to be phased by it.. and it seemed like it was ok for here. Then I was at Church one time and we were playing a game for someone birthday. The penalty was for you to go in the middle of the circle and then everyone simultaneously slaps you on the back to the rhythm.."indian bop".... what a surprise.. some of the foreign people left the game after the first punishment round. LOL and to my relief I never lost. LOL!! so... hitting and some penalties seem to be apart of the culture. Mind you, its not super violent im punching to kill you kind of thing. Its more like friendly hitting.. it stings a little, but its not bad. So anyway. enjoy the video!!! :^)

Friday, September 21, 2012

IRK: Gangnam style at my Korean elementary school

On one dreary day as I was fastidiously(on Facebook) doing paperwork, I began to hear a disturbance about the school......It came in the form of loud music.. What song was it.. it was non other than PSY Gangnam style. As much as I would have liked to continue doing paperwork, since I'm quite the diligent employee, I decided to check out what was brewing in the courtyard....HERE IS WHAT I FOUND! :^) If you are interested in teaching abroad in South Korea, or if you just like learning about people's lives abroad.. SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! :^)

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Insadong is a street in South Korea in the touristy/traditional area of korea where there are many palaces located. You can get there by going to Anguk station (on line 3) exit 5. Go straight 100m and then turn left. Or Jonggak station (line 1) exit 3. Go straight 300m then turn left at the 4 way intersection. Go straight 100m and then veer to the left road. I HOPE YOU CAN FIND IT!!! You can try on hanboks and take pictures in them! There are many traditional galleries and restaurants there. You can purchase many souvenirs and on the weekends Sat from 14:00-22:00 and Sunday from 10:00-22:00 some streets are blocked off and more cultural booths will be there. You can try many traditional Korean foods from the street. There are also Korean fortune tellers and random cultural things! ENJOY THE VIDEO!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

How to get an ESL job in South Korea

Hello again!!!! Getting a job in south korea doesn't have to be hard! The easiest way to attain a job is to use a recruiting agency. In my opinion Korvia is the best recruiting agency in Korea. I say this because they really take care of you from the time you initially apply until the time you leave Korea!! and ita absolutely 100% FREEE!!! HOLY COW!!! That's awesome!!!! Korvia is constantly in contact with you and is constantly making sure that you are taken care of. They offer many bonuses like free prepaid cellphones once you first arrive in Korea and airport transport to your new place. They also offer many opportunities to connect and meet other foreign teachers by having 4 parties per year. They are absolutely free to you!! Once you apply they create the timeline and give you your schedule of events. So all you have to do is follow what they say and as long as you interview well and are qualified for the job and a school likes you and you pass the interview all you must do is get all the documentation in! HOW EASY IS THAT!! There is, however, a lot of paperwork though.. Its quite stressful and certain documents take up to 3 months to get back. Having said this.... you know you must plan accordingly. The hiring times are September and March. So about 5 months before you plan on leaving for korea, you should apply so you can start working on some of the documents. OK!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate writing so watch the video for more details!!!!


Sunday, August 26, 2012


OK!! KOREAN BUGS ARE SO BIG!!! IDK of its the healthy food they have over here, or the fact that they put their trash outside on the streets providing the bugs with nice healthy meals... but WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! In class, due to the lack of AC inside we always have the windows open. Bugs are continually flying in.. AND THEY ARE HUGE!! There are dragon flies, wasps, bees, hornets, and eben house flies!! AND THEY ALL ARE MUCH MUCH LARGER THAN IM USED TO!!!! :^) anyway!! I hope you enjoy watching my showdown with a cricket grasshopper locusts thing in my house!!!

introducing iRK

In light of the random video footage that I have collected on my iPhone, I have decided to start making short videos with random iPhone clips. I will still continue to make lon gones about specific topics, but I can finally put out my random video clips that I collected. :^) YAAAY!! so. iRk stands for I record Korea. Its a small i since I am using my iPhone.. I Tried to be a little bit funny... not sure if I succeeded, however, YOU BETTER LIKE IT!!! LOL HEHEHE!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

ESL summer camp in Korea

HELLO!!!!! I thought that my summer camp idea was so fun.. not that I am boasting about it.. but I had a blast. I probably enjoyed it just as much as the students did. LOL!! Anyway....If you are an English teacher consider this an opportunity to take a few ideas. FEEL FREE TO COMMENT AND LEAVE ANY IDEAS YOU MAY HAVE FOR ENGLISH CAMPS!!! I take any and all class ideas. LOL!! If you are not a teacher. Then  you will still enjoy this video. LOL

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HELLO!!! Korean Karaoke is very intense!!!!!!!! LOL!! And Karaoke places are literally on every corner!!!! In korean the place is called a norebang (song room). Here you rent out a room with comfortable furnishings. Its a good place to hang out considering Korean apartments are too small for guests. Did I mention.. its very cheap? ENJOY THE VIDEO!!! Subscribe to the youtube page.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


SOOO!!! In korea air conditioning is not used all the time. AT my school we only use air conditioning for one class period per day!!!! WOW!!!!! So....... what do you do..... you eat PATBINGSU!! What is patbingsu.... you shall find out!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

A day in Korea: ANGUG station

This past weekend I went to a more traditional part of Korea. Its located at ANGUG station on line 3. Its a pretty awesome place! There are many traditional Korean houses, (HANOK) and there is also a palace CHANGDOEKGUNG. Its a very nice palace that is one subway stop away. This area is also next to Insadong. PLEASE ENJOY THE VIDEO!!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

HONGDAE Trick eye museum/snow spoons

Hello!!!!!! Hongdae is a very fun area to go to. It is full of foreign restaurants and people. Its basically a college town. Which is why it has the name Hongdae. the university is Hongik university. University in Korean is daehaggyo. So.... HONGik DAEhaggyo. Anyway! It was super fantastic. I hope you enjoy the video!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1st Birthday week in Korea!!

SOOOO!!! My birthday week has come!! Well... now it has past. LOL But there were some awesomethings I did this week!!!!!! AND!!! one of the korean palaces was open at night starting on my Birthday and ending at the end of my birthday week!! IT OPENED JUST FOR ME!! HEHEHEHE!! But anyway!!! I hope you enjoy seeing what I did on my birthday!!! my youtube page is SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more videos!

Korean schools

SO!!! I love my school! There are some sool things that the Korean schools have to offer! I did forget to talk in my video about the money pot. Every month we pay a membership fee. It is not required. Only if you want to be apart of the group. this fee will cover all of the faculty hang out times. It will also be used if you get married you will recieve a money gift from the teachers, if a parent dies or you have  a baby you will also recieve money. I forgot how much it was. It was not more than 100$. I think the highest one was 100$, others are 50$. BUT I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE VIDEO!!! my youtube page is SUBSCRIBE IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ESL lesson fruit, counting, color review

So... I had a review day scheduled for my 1st graders. We covered, basic phrases like Hello, how are you, im happy, im sad, the numbers, the colors, fruits, basic actions (sit, jump, stand etc. ), and i like.... I needed some type of review story for them so it coul dbe somewhat of a fun day. SO I mde this video.
They loved it! I was so excited. I decided to share it on my blog.

After we watched the video I asked them questions. After each counting question we counted the fruit together.
Question 1: (I showed the banana smiling) How is the banana? happy or sad? (HAPPY YELLOW BANANA)
Question 2: How many apples were there? (my students are acustomed to answering with color as well. so 4 red apples)
Question 3: How many peaches were there?
Question 4: How many grapes were there?
Question 5: How is the banana: (show the scene of the sad banana, and make them say SAD YELLOW BANANA)
Question 6: How many oranges were there?
Question 7: How many steps did banana climb up?

After that each student made a banana ( I gave them a handout with the shape of the same banana from the video) they made either a hapy or a sad banana. The students then put them on the big tree that I pre made)
We counted the banana's together after everyone finished.

I'm so excited! LOL!!
Until next time! :^)

Friday, May 4, 2012

KOREA. The place of convenience!

OK!! so Korea has got to be the most convenient place to live! Due to the fast paced nature of the country you can literally get everything you need to do accomplished on your way to a destination! I LOVE IT!!!!! I hope you enjoy the video!!!! :^)

Thursday, April 26, 2012


SOOOO!!! I finally had orientation. You would think that we would have had it before I started working right... wrong! In Korea I have noticed some things are really last minute. LOL And after the fact. LOL! I was told I should get used to it. LOL Its just a difference in culture! Anyway!! Orientation was super helpful and awesome!!! Enjoy the video!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


SO! spring has arrived!! its so exciting!!! :^) I enjoyed the first real day of warmth!! And seeing the flowers was sooo awesome!! I had a great day on Saturday! HOPE YOU ENJOY THE VIDEO!! :^) By the way in the background you will notice exercise equipment. In parks in Korea there are many machines for exercizing. They are free and public. What I think is cool is that no one vandalizes them! LOL I feel like in the USA they would be broken or dirty and not taken care of. So its cool.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

HEY! I finally got my alien registration card!! That means!! I have privledges I didn't have before.. like.. the ability to make a bank account, cell phone contract, etc!! ENJOY THE VIDEO!! If you have any questions just ask me!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SO.. Im hungry and I want to eat ice cream... so.. I'm making a video about Korean ice cream its delicious!! HEHE!!! I hope you like it! There are so many different types of icecream!!!!!!!!! ITS SO RANDOM!!!!!!!! AND ICECREAM IS 50% OFF TODAY!! YAAAY!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012


So!!!!! I  was in desparate need of coffee so that I could finish a PPT presentation and I stumbled upon somthing grand!! It was a man in a garfield costume.. Yes it was amazing!!!!!!! Anyway. He was advertising for a Kitty cafe that just opened up around my house!! yay!!! SO when you go in you take off your shoes and order your drink. They oftentimes will give you cat nip to feed the cats. The KITTIES ARE SO CUTE!!! Anyway. I was worried abgout clenliness befpore I went but its super duper clean!! No cat hair anywhere no stench, only the lovely aroma of coffee shop. It was awesome!!!! :^)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

SOOOOOOO!!!!!!! HELLO EVERYONE!!!! I m an English teacher in South Korea and this blog will be for keeping friends and family updated.  Also if you have any questions about South Korea you are free to ask them. SO lets get started!! First things first!! Sorry it took so long for me to post the first video. I am sooo busy!! I teach 6th, 5th, 1st&2nd, and Kindergarten. between those I have to prepare 7 lessons per week!! ouch!! Thats alot!! I have no time. LOL Thats why its taking so long. Ok.. I do have time im just tired after work. I am still asjusting to the time and the FAST pace of life here. taking the bus, subway, and walking are not things I'm used to so that's why im tired! I love it here though!! I am currently waiting on my alien registration card. Without that I cannot do anything, like get internet/cable/ cellphone contract, etc.. so In order to use the internet I have to go to the PC bang!! In Korean bang 방 means room. And as we all know PC is computer... so put 2 and 2 together!! computer room!! LOL There are about 3 on each 5 blocks. LOL Not kidding!! literally, on every corner there is at least 1! The computers are fast and the screens are big and its super cheap..but there is just one problem.. CIGARETTE SMOKE!!! Smoking is allowed inside.. like at many places in Korea so it stinks!!! It gets on my clothes and I hate it!!!! Ok.. anyways back to the good, its super cheap. its 1000 korean won per hour.. which is a little less than 1 us dollar. SO its super cost effective! Its maily filled with people playing video games.. and by that I mean males. LOL Literally the only time I have seen a women inside here other than myself is today, and im quite shocked.. But she is not playing video games she is eating snacks an dhanging with some boys who ar playing video games. LOL so anyways, they are very comfortable besides the smoke an dthere are snacks!! hehe!! So thats all, watch the video for further information!! I you want to see more videos an dbe updated when I upload more videos subscribe to my youtube page.! :^)