Sunday, December 30, 2012


OK!!! SO Shyabu Shyabu is soo stinkin delicious!! SO I had to make a shyabu shyabu rap about it! LOL! HAHA!!! PLEASE ENJOY THE VIDEO!!!!!! AND TRY SOME SHYABU SHYABU IS YOU HAVE NEVER!!!

ANI PANG....Torturing me in all public transportation!

SO!! THIS GAME IS SO ANNOYING!! Well... It's a fun game its just annoying because in the Subways and busses EVERYONE is playing it! Which normally wouldnt bother me..NO.. But they play with the sound on!!! WHYYYYYYYY!!! LOL!! It;s quiet on the bus/subway and then I hear the sounds of ANI pong. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! LOL

BINDAEDDOEK!! Delicious Korean Food!!

SO!! I love KOREAN FOOD!! ITS SO DELICIOUS!! Except for a few things I like everything I have tried! :^) This is kind of like a Korean pancake except for its made on a stone instead of in a skillet. In this video I tried Nokdubindaeddoek (녹두빈대떡). Nokdu is a grain. They grind it up and add onions and various other things and cook it! SUPERB I TELL YA!!!!!!