Saturday, September 14, 2013

Public school programs teaching in South Korea EPIK GEPIK SMOE


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HALLYU BACK Fashion police Video

OK!! SO there are 3 major programs for teaching English in South Korea.

The difference between them is the location.
SMOE is for Seoul,
GEPIK is for Gyeonggi-do
EPIK is for the rest of Korea.

They are basically the same with few minor differences. Check out the video for more information. :)

How to walk/run in heel less heels


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SO many of you saw my picture on instagram of my heel less moneyball platrofm sneakers that I bought from Fly jane and were like... HOW DO YOU WALK IN THOSE!!!
SO!! I decided to make a video explaining how to walk in them.

First thing about the shoes is that the shoes are weighted at the bottom, so its easy to keep your foot down.
Second the shoe curvs up at the front so you can easily stride forward.
Third thing about the shoe is that there is a small heel on the back to keep you from walling backwards, you can also balance back on that heel if you need to.

SO first dont skouch, or bend your knees too much! If you bend your knees too much you will look like that robot that Honda built!!

Just bend your knees ever so slightly and put your chest out and stick your booty out a little bit.

Next thing to do is to take smaller strides, you cannot take very big strides in these shoes, lest you fall forward!! SO!!! dont do that!! LOL

take little steps and it helps to walk one foot in front of the other and swish your hips a bit.

If you need to run you cannot run too fast, but you can do it. you just have to remember that the front slopes upward so if too much momentum goes forward SO WILL YOU!!!

You have to take hops in between strides and keep your weight centered on the platform!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013



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Amsa station line 8 exit 3
From exit 3 turn around and at the intersection make a left, walk for about 1 minute and you will see the building its on the corner on the 2nd floor. look for (쥬니아 한복).

OMGSH!!! we have now grown to over 9,000 subscribers!! HOLY COW OF AWESOMENESS!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!!! I APPRECIATE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

SO!!! first thing!! I got a hanbok!! TRADITIONAL KOREAN CLOTHES!!! ITS SO PRETTY!!!!! Its a noble lady style!!! I LIKE FEELIN NOBLE!!!!

IN OTHER NEWS!! I went to Lotte World.. The largest indoor amusement park in the world conveniently located in SOuth Korea!! YAY!! I WENT THERE! IT WAS AWESOME!!!

SO!! I went to the Korean Pool for the first time.... It was fun! a bit interesting but fun!!! ALMOST EVERY MAN WAS WEARING A SPEEDO!!! EVEN OLD MEN!! EWWWWWW!! LOL But the most interesting part was the tents... Some Korean people hide from the sun, so they bring camping tents to the pool. LOL and stay in them.

OTHER NEWS!!!! I started school back.. no more desk warming!!

Once I get to 10,000 subbies I will do a giveaway and a draw my life tag. Someone asked me and I told her at 10,000 subbies I would do a draw my life tag. SO BE READY!!! I will probably give away G dragons new CD.

Like in the other nOM vlog when you guys subscribed it made me happy so I danced to 2Ne1 Fallin in love.. but I didnt have enough time to learn a new dance. so just a bit of 2NE1 do you love me!! LOL

FYI... wearing this hanbok makes me want to be in a historic drama...


Qualifications for teaching in South Korea.


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SO! the requirements to be a teacher are as follows!!!!
USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, SOuth Africa.
4 year degree, in any field!! THAT'S RIGHT ANY FIELD!!!
ALSO if you do not have a teaching degree then you must get a TEFL certification.
Health: you must be healthy! MENTALLY AN PHYSICALLY

THATS IT!!!! SO what I did was just talk also about some things I realized since being here about some teaching things!!!

1st one, do what you say you are going to do!!!!!
2nd one, be slow to anger.
3rd one, be fair to everyone, !!!!
I am no expert teacher these are just some things that I saw and realized to be beneficial!


HOw I pass desk warming!! IM CRAY CRAY!!


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SO!! I am so bored during desk warming this year.. SO I FILMED AND EDITED A VIDEO!!! Of how I pas my desk warming!

First.. I do my makeup.. no mirror makeup challenge?
Second...I like to drink tea!!! LOTS OF TEA!!
THirdly...I like to draw!! I love art!!
Fourthly...I like to pretent that I am in a video game! SO MUCH FUN!!
NEXT..I like to explore the school!
NEXT...I like to paint my nails.. FUN THINGS!!!
This video is kind of crazy.. but I hope you can enjoy it!!!


NOM VLOG#3 cheap hair extensions?!?!


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SO!!!! Its time for NOM vlog#3 YAY!! That is exciting! Its also exciting that we are almost 4,000!! OMGARSH!!!! SO AWESOME!!! I SO HAPPY!!!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! I APPRECIATE YOU GUYS SUBSCRIBING SO MUCH!!!!


SO this week has been interesting. The nom for today is (고추)Go chu (Korean pepper) with (고추장) Korean pepper paste. SO GOOD!!  delicious.. however... When eating them there is always a SUPER SPICY ONE!!! LIKE......ITS SO HOT!!!! I always eat that one! AHHHHH!!! MOUTH ON FIRE CONSTANT INDIGESTION!! but its so good!! LOL

ALso, I found some 3$ hair extensions... THEY MATCH PERFECTLY!! PERFECTLY!!! AHHHHH!!! SO HAPPY!! Now I am not afraid to cut my hair.. hmmmmm. Maybe I shall. LOL

Its storming today! THUNDER LIKE WOAH during filming... my bad! I cant help it!!

BUT THOSE RED LOBSTER BISCUITS THOUGH!!... I want flaming hot Cheetos and red lobster biscuits so badly now!!! I NEED!!! Ill probably have to make them homemade!

ALSO!! those Korean grapes though.. they have very tough people usually suck the inside out and leave the grape skins on the table.. GROSS!!! I cant eat them with people because spit traumatizes me!!! LOL


I FOUND 2ne1 Dance dance revolution in the Korean arcade! IT WAS MAGICAL!! There were also ICE CREAM CLAY MACHINES!!! OMGARSH!!! It was fantastic.. but I lost my money. AHHHH!!! there were also hello kitty claw machines and anime character themed claw machines!!! FUN TIMES!! There was even a noraebang(노래방) in there!! HOLY COW!!!

ANY WHO!! Thats about how my week was this week. THANKS FOR READING AND WATCHING!!

Koren Afros Perspectives on curly hair

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SO!!! Someone, who's ID I lost.. :( Asked me how Korean people viewed curly hair. It may seem like a weird question, but in the USA curly hair is often times not seen as attractive as straight hair. And when going to a job interview, you should straughten it to be seen as more professional. I have had my fair share of curly hair descrimination! ITS TERRIBLE!! LOL But is it that way in Korea?!?! I cant speak for the whole of Korea, but in this video I share my experiences with curly hair in Korea(Before My magic perm of course) OKEY!!!

SO, in Korea when someone sees curly hair, especially if it is kinky curly they will touch it! THEY LOVE IT!! Mainly because it so different from their own hair. I always only recieved positive feedback from my curly hair, but when my hair is straight people are more prone to say that I am pretty. LOL I think they just like the curly hair but dont necessarily think that its pretty on me. LOL ANYWAY!!! I noticed that on Korean people who have naturaly curly hair, They tend to want straught hair. Just like in many other cultures, people want the opposite of what they have! NO DIFFERENT HERE~

But in terms of the professionalism of curly hair; it is professional here. One day I didnt do my hair I just rolled out of bed and washed it. And everyone loved it. I had a conversation with my coworker and she said that if its my natural hair, they wouldnt think that it wasnt professional. Because its YOUR HAIR! IT WAS COOL!! LOL Then I began to wear it curly. I didnt straighten it because I didnt like my curly hair, or because I feel ugly wearing it. I like it! But.. When you are working and tryng to get a job, you got to do what you got to do!! :) SO don;t think that I am a curly hair hater, or dont like myslf. I do. :) I also didnt get a magic perm becasue I feel like my curly hair isnt good, I got it because I wanted a change. We get bored with our hair easily as women, Im sure in a few years Ill grow it out and go back curly. Lol