Saturday, September 14, 2013

How to walk/run in heel less heels


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SO many of you saw my picture on instagram of my heel less moneyball platrofm sneakers that I bought from Fly jane and were like... HOW DO YOU WALK IN THOSE!!!
SO!! I decided to make a video explaining how to walk in them.

First thing about the shoes is that the shoes are weighted at the bottom, so its easy to keep your foot down.
Second the shoe curvs up at the front so you can easily stride forward.
Third thing about the shoe is that there is a small heel on the back to keep you from walling backwards, you can also balance back on that heel if you need to.

SO first dont skouch, or bend your knees too much! If you bend your knees too much you will look like that robot that Honda built!!

Just bend your knees ever so slightly and put your chest out and stick your booty out a little bit.

Next thing to do is to take smaller strides, you cannot take very big strides in these shoes, lest you fall forward!! SO!!! dont do that!! LOL

take little steps and it helps to walk one foot in front of the other and swish your hips a bit.

If you need to run you cannot run too fast, but you can do it. you just have to remember that the front slopes upward so if too much momentum goes forward SO WILL YOU!!!

You have to take hops in between strides and keep your weight centered on the platform!!

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