Thursday, September 5, 2013

Koren Afros Perspectives on curly hair

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SO!!! Someone, who's ID I lost.. :( Asked me how Korean people viewed curly hair. It may seem like a weird question, but in the USA curly hair is often times not seen as attractive as straight hair. And when going to a job interview, you should straughten it to be seen as more professional. I have had my fair share of curly hair descrimination! ITS TERRIBLE!! LOL But is it that way in Korea?!?! I cant speak for the whole of Korea, but in this video I share my experiences with curly hair in Korea(Before My magic perm of course) OKEY!!!

SO, in Korea when someone sees curly hair, especially if it is kinky curly they will touch it! THEY LOVE IT!! Mainly because it so different from their own hair. I always only recieved positive feedback from my curly hair, but when my hair is straight people are more prone to say that I am pretty. LOL I think they just like the curly hair but dont necessarily think that its pretty on me. LOL ANYWAY!!! I noticed that on Korean people who have naturaly curly hair, They tend to want straught hair. Just like in many other cultures, people want the opposite of what they have! NO DIFFERENT HERE~

But in terms of the professionalism of curly hair; it is professional here. One day I didnt do my hair I just rolled out of bed and washed it. And everyone loved it. I had a conversation with my coworker and she said that if its my natural hair, they wouldnt think that it wasnt professional. Because its YOUR HAIR! IT WAS COOL!! LOL Then I began to wear it curly. I didnt straighten it because I didnt like my curly hair, or because I feel ugly wearing it. I like it! But.. When you are working and tryng to get a job, you got to do what you got to do!! :) SO don;t think that I am a curly hair hater, or dont like myslf. I do. :) I also didnt get a magic perm becasue I feel like my curly hair isnt good, I got it because I wanted a change. We get bored with our hair easily as women, Im sure in a few years Ill grow it out and go back curly. Lol


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  1. When I first got into k-pop, I really was surprised at how often Koreans had permed hair, like it's so cool! I wish it was fashionable it Oz, cos i'd be wearing dem curls all day everyday haha. I'm not sure how it's viewed in America but, in Australia it's totes 80's stylin' :)