Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Korean Magic straight perm!

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HELLO GUYS!!! SO!!!! Some people have been asking about my hair ever since I got the Magic perm! Im happy that it looks so good! LOL!! But I love this perm! I cant live without it now!

I got it about 1 month ago at a hair salon called Family Hair shop located in itaewon. it costs about 200$ for my hair. After it grows out and the roots need to be touched up it will run between 40-60$.

The process was quite long for me since I have African American/Black hair. The Korean perm is like the Japanese straightening and the thermal reconditioning treatments. They just wash your hair and then apply some solution to break the bonds. Then they wash and flat iron it and reform the bonds on the flat ironed hair. So it's also very similar to a curly perm except rods are not used, and instead the flat iron is used to create the desired hair shape.  

The main thing that I wanted to know before I got the perm was, will it dry pin straight with my hair texture?!? The answer is partially.  Its straight enough that I can just wear it out. It can also be straightened by blowdrying with a round brush. Its very soft and shiny, and SOOO EASY TO MANAGE NOW!!

Before it took me 2 hours or so to flat iron and blow dry my hair.. not its takes less than 30 minutes. Also, now I don't have to rely on heat tools to style it. I can braid it at night and have a heatless wave/curl in the morning. I am SUPER GRATEFUL FOR THAT!! BEcause heat tools used on a regular basis are damaging, and because they are so damaging and it takes too much time to do my hair, didn't straighten it that often. Now I can have straight and easy to manage hair every day.

ALSO!! The rain is no longer my enemy! I AM GRATEFUL FOR THAT!! My hair is pretty much straight when it the rain cannot ruin it.


Things I cant get used to in Korea/ GIVEAWAY

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SOOO!!!!! WE ARE OVER 1,000 now! YAAAY!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! SO we are having a giveaway!! YAAAY!!!!


THings I cant get used to:
#1 BOOTY SLAPPING!!!!! Its like a pat on the back in Korea. Its usually done between older people to younger people. BUT AT WORK IT ALWAYS CATCHES ME OFF GUARD! You knwo at work you have to do orientation and they talk about sexual harassment and stuff. So I was alway sinto the NO TOUCHING AT WORK mindset. It may also be just because Im the youngest employee at work.. so the older women tend to always pat my booty! LOL

AJUSSHI always walk around and SPIT... BIG PILES OF SPIT! EWWWWWW. And drunkeness is ok in Korea so people often vomit alot in the streets. AHHHH!!! I hate that!!!!! IT IS GROSS TO THE MAXIMUM!!!

#3 Staring and pointing
staring is not so much of a bother, but pointing! I was always told as a child that you dont point.. especially if the person is looking right at you. Sometimes you cant even point at objects if people are around. SO.. when I see people pointing PARENTS AND CHILDREN. It always catches me off guard!

#4 SAYING OBVIOUS THINGS THAT MAY HURT SOMEONES FEELINGS!! AHHHH!!! Korean people like to help you. SO.. they think that y pointing out stuff like pimples, weight gain, etc they are helping you. SOmetimes its just embarrassing and makes me sad.. and want to eat chocolate! LOL

BUY ANYHOO!!! those are some things that I cannot get used to in Korea!!!

To enter the giveaway you just have to subscribe to my youtube channel and tell me which one of my videos is your favorite video and why. YOu can slso enter on twitter or on my blog website.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Are you beautifun in Korea?

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SOOOO!!! This topic is one of the most interesting to me!!

Korea is very homogenous, and as a result people tend to go towards one look of beauty. There is only ONE standard of beauty here. And here are the main components of being beautiful in Korea.

The first thing that Koreans think is beautiful is pale skin. There are many BB creams and other beauty products that people will use in order to achieve white skin.

They also focus a lot on the eyes! They like eyes with out folds that are big. For example if you look at Taeyang from Big bang, he has small eyes with only one eyelid (monolid) and an in fold(WHICH I THINK IS SO ATTRACTIVE) Fyi. LOL But in Korea bigger eyes are desired.

Also something interesting is that they want the back of their head to be rounded. Ive noticed (after Korean people pointing it out to me) that Koreans do tend to have flatter heads in the back and front. They usually get perms that make the back of their head look more rounded.

They think small faces are also beautiful. Go ah ra, a Korean drama actress supposedly has a very small face and is considered very beautiful.

Along with a small face they think that having a tall nose bridge is also beautiful.

Koreans also like to have curvy bodies! Mind you, this is Korean curvy, not Western curvy. As small as I am my students think I have a big booty! LOL But they like to have X lines or S lines.

If you look at an X, you will see that it is small in the middle where the 2 lines cross. This represents your waist. They want to have a small waist like an X.

An S line is representative of a woman with a nice booty and bust. If you picture a woman standing sideways. BUT NOT TOO BIG!!!!!!!

The way we spend money on cosmetic dentistry seems silly to korean people. Teeth aren't important to Korean people just like the back of someones head shape isn't important to us. We usually dont even notice head shape unless its REALLY different. SO, if people have some problems with their teeth its not a big issue in considering beauty. Now their teeth are certainly not bad, but overall they dont pay as much attention to them as we do in the United states.


Aegyo sal

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Hello, friends and family!!! ANOTHER VIDEO MADE!!!!
This topic probably seems rather ambiguous, but I promise it's not! Aegyo sal(애교살) is the big pouch of fat under the eyes. It's not only on Korean people, but western people can also have it. Before I get into Aegyo sal, I will talk about aegyo. Aegyo is kind of big in Korea. Not only Korea but in many Asian countries actually. Aegyo is just cuteness! There are specific cute things that Asians do to be cute. If you look at Sunny from girls generation (SNSD), you can see some examples of Aegyo. She is the aegyo queen!!! LOL!! I noticed that on TV like on many Korean dramas, Aegyo is played up a lot!! In real life people aren't that extreme with their aegyo. NOW ONTO AEGYO SAL! Asians think that if you have Aegyo sal that you can look more cute! SO some people will get surgery to add the pouches under their eyes so that they can look more cute. I like Aegyo sl on people...when its natural. The artificial ones are sometimes a bit creepy!