Friday, September 21, 2012

IRK: Gangnam style at my Korean elementary school

On one dreary day as I was fastidiously(on Facebook) doing paperwork, I began to hear a disturbance about the school......It came in the form of loud music.. What song was it.. it was non other than PSY Gangnam style. As much as I would have liked to continue doing paperwork, since I'm quite the diligent employee, I decided to check out what was brewing in the courtyard....HERE IS WHAT I FOUND! :^) If you are interested in teaching abroad in South Korea, or if you just like learning about people's lives abroad.. SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! :^)


  1. Hi Megan! My name is Cecili'a. I love you videos! They are a lot of fun!! I'm one of your subscribers. Please check out my photography blog " :-) Thanks!!

  2. Hi Megan!!, Thanks so much for the reply and checking out my blog so fast! I think with a blog, you just follow the people you like to keep up with. It's the Reading List section under the compose new blog area. So... You're Not An Idiot LOL!! :-) P.S. My mother wanted me to tell you that you are soooo funny and would be a Great Actress!! We also love your editing skills!! Awesome!!! :-) The Dances are 2 Cute!!:-)