Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Korean handgames/Violent penalties

When I first got here and saw many children hitting eachother all the time I was like AHHHHHH. No no hitting no hitting!!1 Then i realized that the korean teachers didnt seem to be phased by it.. and it seemed like it was ok for here. Then I was at Church one time and we were playing a game for someone birthday. The penalty was for you to go in the middle of the circle and then everyone simultaneously slaps you on the back to the rhythm.."indian bop".... what a surprise.. some of the foreign people left the game after the first punishment round. LOL and to my relief I never lost. LOL!! so... hitting and some penalties seem to be apart of the culture. Mind you, its not super violent im punching to kill you kind of thing. Its more like friendly hitting.. it stings a little, but its not bad. So anyway. enjoy the video!!! :^)

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