Friday, September 7, 2012

How to get an ESL job in South Korea

Hello again!!!! Getting a job in south korea doesn't have to be hard! The easiest way to attain a job is to use a recruiting agency. In my opinion Korvia is the best recruiting agency in Korea. I say this because they really take care of you from the time you initially apply until the time you leave Korea!! and ita absolutely 100% FREEE!!! HOLY COW!!! That's awesome!!!! Korvia is constantly in contact with you and is constantly making sure that you are taken care of. They offer many bonuses like free prepaid cellphones once you first arrive in Korea and airport transport to your new place. They also offer many opportunities to connect and meet other foreign teachers by having 4 parties per year. They are absolutely free to you!! Once you apply they create the timeline and give you your schedule of events. So all you have to do is follow what they say and as long as you interview well and are qualified for the job and a school likes you and you pass the interview all you must do is get all the documentation in! HOW EASY IS THAT!! There is, however, a lot of paperwork though.. Its quite stressful and certain documents take up to 3 months to get back. Having said this.... you know you must plan accordingly. The hiring times are September and March. So about 5 months before you plan on leaving for korea, you should apply so you can start working on some of the documents. OK!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate writing so watch the video for more details!!!!


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  1. How amazing! Just randomly found you on YouTube! Was just watching Bubz and stumbled upon you :) I'm Korean American, but never met my Korean grandmother (my grandfather passed before I was born.) I'd love to teach English in Korea, how exciting! Hope you're having a wonderful time!