Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ESL lesson fruit, counting, color review

So... I had a review day scheduled for my 1st graders. We covered, basic phrases like Hello, how are you, im happy, im sad, the numbers, the colors, fruits, basic actions (sit, jump, stand etc. ), and i like.... I needed some type of review story for them so it coul dbe somewhat of a fun day. SO I mde this video.
They loved it! I was so excited. I decided to share it on my blog.

After we watched the video I asked them questions. After each counting question we counted the fruit together.
Question 1: (I showed the banana smiling) How is the banana? happy or sad? (HAPPY YELLOW BANANA)
Question 2: How many apples were there? (my students are acustomed to answering with color as well. so 4 red apples)
Question 3: How many peaches were there?
Question 4: How many grapes were there?
Question 5: How is the banana: (show the scene of the sad banana, and make them say SAD YELLOW BANANA)
Question 6: How many oranges were there?
Question 7: How many steps did banana climb up?

After that each student made a banana ( I gave them a handout with the shape of the same banana from the video) they made either a hapy or a sad banana. The students then put them on the big tree that I pre made)
We counted the banana's together after everyone finished.

I'm so excited! LOL!!
Until next time! :^)

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